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Presenter: Nancy Kirsner, PhD, TEP, LMFT, OTR
Sunday May 26, 2024 - 12:00-3:00 PM EDT

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.
-Dalai Lama

The Importance of Self-Compassion: a way to live a gentle life with an open heart towards not just others but including YOU!

The topic and practice of Self-Compassion is often overlooked, not valued, and sometimes elicits negative beliefs and ideas. More than ever in today's uncertain and complex world we must learn to Befriend Ourselves, and know what self-compassion really is, its major elements, and most importantly, how to put it into practice NOW.

We will work together in action to explore Self-Compassion practices and experiences and ways to boost your Self-Compassion. We will practice, including creating mantras, to anchor our learnings and create for take away tools.

Compassionately yours,
Dr. Nancy

Self-compassion is simply giving the same kindness to ourselves that we would give to others.
-Christopher Germer

We suggest you take Dr. Kristen Neffs Self-Compassion test, on line at and score yourself as a beginning measure. It would be best if you could do this before our time together. If that is not possible, come anyway!


Nancy Kirsner, PhD, TEP, LMFT, OTR, has been in practice, teaching, or consulting for 45 years. She began her career in helping others as an occupational therapist in a VA hospital during the Vietnam War. Over the last 40 years, she has worked as a Gestalt art therapist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, university professor, and trainer and practitioner of psychodrama and group psychotherapy. With her PhD in Counseling Psychology, Nancy has worked as a forensic consultant with attorneys, and she facilitates Bibliodrama (stories from the Bible) at temples and churches. Nancy is co-author (with Phoebe Atkinson of Positive Psychology and Psychodrama, a chapter in Action Explorations: Using Psychodramatic Methods in Non-Therapeutic Setting (edited by Adam Blatner, 2019). Nancy loves to teach using Action Explorations with different populations such as financial planners, lawyers, and members of churches/ temples. She is a TEP - trainer, educator and practitioner of Psychodrama, Sociometry, and group psychotherapy. Nancy has taught Positive Psychology as applied to Jewish Fundamentals and she works as a forensic consultant with attorneys. She has been a frequent presenter during Covid at the Jewish Community Center of Manhattan speaking about resiliency and gratitude. Nancy has been honored to provide over 300 lunch and learn open groups through Temple Beth Or and these are ongoing. Nancy is co-author (with Phoebe Atkinson of Positive Psychology and Psychodrama, a chapter in Action Explorations: Using Psychodramatic Methods in Non-Therapeutic Setting(edited by Adam Blatner,2019). Currently Nancy is co-authoring with Dr. Raina Murnak, Positive Psychology for Music Professionals: Character Strengths scheduled to be released in 2024.

More important than any or all of these credentials, Nancy cares about people and is a person of the heart. In the words of Chris Peterson: Other People Matter


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NOTE: Participants will be eligible to receive 3 HOURS training approved by the American Board of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy (ABE), and all proceeds are tax deductible as a donation to the Moreno Foundation.