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These are some of the publications that further the Moreno Legacy:

Experiential Addiction Treatment: Creating Positive Connection through Sociometry and Therapeutic Spiral Model Safety Structures

Scott Giacomucci, Sharon Gera, Darrell Briggs and Kim Bass

Many argue that addiction is preceded by a sense of psychosocial dislocation, experiences of relational trauma, attachment ruptures, or neglect. The lived experience of drug addiction is incredibly isolating and likely to disrupt relationships with one’s closest attachment figures. Most agree that one’s social experiences-relationships, family, groups, and community-- significantly impact the chances of recovery after addiction. Sociometry, the study of groups and interperson- al dynamics within groups, is uniquely effective in providing clients with corrective relational experiences in addiction treatment groups. This article outlines multiple experiential sociometry tools that hold the potential to cultivate safety, explore similarities between group members, establish group cohesion, and assess the group based on chosen criteria. These action-based sociometric processes, in addition to two safety structures from the Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM) of psychodrama, are outlined with facilitation guidelines and clinical vignettes depicting their utilization at Mirmont Treatment Center. These strength-based group structures can be adapted with different criteria, different populations, and used in any type of group setting.

Choosing the Unchosen: Counteracting the Sociodynamic Effect Using Complementary Sharing

Shelley J. Korshak and Marianne Shapiro

The Journal of Psychodrama, Sociometry, and Group Psychotherapy (2013) 61 (1): 7–15.

When Moreno says that our subject of inquiry is nothing less than healing the whole of mankind, he challenges us to embrace differences. This article explores diversity, and describes using complementary sharing in a forced choice action sociogram. This technique enhances the diversity and cohesion of the group by helping the participants discover the wisdom of those not chosen.