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Exploring Psychodrama & Sociometry in the Digital Age

What is Psychodrama?

Psychodrama is a specialized creative therapy technique, a powerful and effective tool for creating growth and change.

Psychodrama and Sociometry are based on the idea that relationships can be improved by understanding the roles people play in those relationships. They involve using role-playing and other techniques to explore and understand the dynamics of a group or relationship.

Creative therapy techniques

Creative therapy techniques facilitate expression of thoughts, feelings, and experiences—which may be difficult or impossible to convey through spoken words alone—through action. Traditional psychotherapy depends on words. In contrast to a verbal exploration of an experience, these techniques focus on creating or recreating our experiences in the here and now through experiential, creative therapy techniques, giving us the opportunity to gain mastery of our challenges.

Creative Arts Therapy

Creative Arts Therapy (also known as Expressive Arts Therapy) is a growing field today, with increasing recognition of the effectiveness of its techniques for therapeutic and non -therapeutic endeavors, including litigation, education, performing arts, psychotherapy and group psychotherapy, business and human resources, and more.

Psychodrama is a specialized creative therapy technique. Whereas psychotherapy traditionally relies heavily on verbal communication, the genre of expressive therapy facilitates expression of thoughts, feelings, and experience, difficult or impossible to convey through spoken words alone, through action.

Psychodrama, an expressive therapy technique, is designed to help participants access and express their experiences, and to explore their truth through action. The name may create resistance: The word “drama” evokes for some inauthenticity (while actors know otherwise), and “psyche” may connote craziness; but, literally, psychodrama means “story of the soul.” Psychodrama is arguably the most powerful and effective therapeutic modality in our therapeutic repertoire.